Understand how EVERYTHING works

Understand how EVERYTHING works

A guided study of machines to understand the modern world

Science Engineering
Organized by
Tom Bickmore

Hosted by 1 expert guides

Have you ever wondered how lasers, windmills, computers or wifi work? This is the class for you.

What you'll do:

  • Join a weekly study group led by an expert guide
  • Study and discuss together using David Macaulay's book "The Way Things Work Now"
  • Learn how modern machines work and operate
  • Make friends with a community of kids who share the same curiosity as you

❗A study group requires kids to participate frequently and often in discussions on the topic of the week as well as to look for applications of their weekly topic in the world around them.

Note that this is a rather deep dive into the topics of this book, and will include many videos & other resources, including experiments for you to do at home. It is expected to take about a year to cover all topics in the book.

When kids have a particular area interest, we are happy to dive deeper together, and keep learning even more on that topic!

Concepts Covered:

  • Mechanics of Movement including Inclined Planes, Levers, Wheels & Axles, Gears & Belts, Pulleys, and much more.
  • Harnessing the Elements - including Floating, Flying, Pressure Power, Heat, and Nuclear Power
  • Electricity & Automation - including Electricity, Magnetism, and Sensors & Detectors.
  • The Digital Domain - including making, storing, processing, sending and using bits.

What you'll need:

  • Make sure to come with a curious mind, a desire to engage and terrific questions to ask.
  • David Macaulay's book "The Way Things Work Now" in physical form is highly recommended, but an E-book or PDF is alright if that's how you prefer to read.

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$25.00 per week