Thrive: Single-Cell Engineering

Thrive: Single-Cell Engineering

Six-week microbiology course

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What is Thrive?

Thrive is an evolution simulation game where players guide a microorganism through various stages of evolution, from a single cell to a complex, multicellular organism. The game emphasizes key biological principles such as natural selection, adaptation, and genetic variation, offering a captivating and educational experience that deepens understanding of life sciences and evolution.

Course Objectives:

In this course, we will:

  • Survive, hypothesize, experiment, and adapt to grow our single-cell organism into a thriving species.
  • Navigate the evolutionary journey from a single cell to a multicellular stage.
  • Engage with weekly topics through concise micro-lectures that align with the game's progression and set the tone for each session.
About the instructor:

Course Structure:

Week 1 - Entropy: Understanding the role of disorder and how it influences biological systems.

Week 2 - ATP/ADP Cycle: Exploring the fundamental energy processes that power cellular activities.

Week 3 - Organelles: Examining the specialized structures within cells that contribute to their functions and survival.

Week 4 - Photosynthesis: Investigating the process that allows organisms to convert light energy into chemical energy.

Week 5 - Predatory Cells: Studying the behaviors and adaptations of cells that prey on others for survival.

Week 6 - Evolutionary Efficiency: Analyzing how organisms optimize their evolutionary strategies to thrive in diverse environments.


After week 2, you’ll also get to join weekly Thrive Club where you can test your skills and meet more kids from our community!

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