Thrive Progression Testers

Thrive Progression Testers

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Following the success of our previous Thrive experiment, we are excited to announce a new experiential class: Thrive Progression Testers. This class will focus on exploring the potential successors of Thrive to engage with two innovative games: The Sabling and Foldit.

Our goal is to provide an enriching learning experience while gathering valuable feedback to refine future courses.

Course Structure:

This 8-week session is divided into two parts:

4 weeks of The Sabling: We will dive into this game that emphasizes ecosystem dynamics and species interaction. We will explore how different species coexist, compete, and evolve in their environments.

4 weeks of Foldit: This game is a unique puzzle game focused on protein folding and biochemistry, with the need to solve complex biological problems, promoting a deeper understanding of molecular biology.


As a beta tester, you will provide feedback throughout the experiment to help us improve the class and the games.

Parental Involvement: Parents will be asked to complete two feedback forms to share observations and suggestions.