Space Tech & Rockets

Space Tech & Rockets

Meet with your fellow space nerds to discover and discuss the very latest in rocket science and space technology.

Make new friends  as you learn everything about cutting-edge space technology.
Think like an engineer by asking questions, diving deeper and sharing your thoughts.
Learn the fundamentals of space technology and keep up with the latest launches.
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The space industry is way more active and exciting than most people realize!

There's around 5 rockets launching payloads to orbit each week, and minimum of 10 people living in space at all times, between the 2 active space stations.

There are dozens of companies working on new rocket technologies, many of them reusable.

There are half a dozen private space stations in development, some being space hotels for earthlings to visit on vacation.

What you'll do

These sessions will be a combination of current events as they are happening, along with space technology and rocket science questions that your kids brings to the table.

Each week you will:

  • Meet with Tom and other kids to talk about the current events in space technology.
  • Make friends with a community of kids who are passionate about space.
  • If you wish to, bring topics or questions to the session for disucssion.

What you'll learn:

  • How quickly space technology is advancing
  • How soon they might be able to move to Mars
  • How there can be setbacks in this kind of progress when testing has explosive results
  • How perseverance and progress go hand in hand
  • They will also learn discussion skills and definitely pick up rocket science!

What you'll need:

  • Nothing! Bring your curiosity and some great questions.
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