Recess SMP: Minecraft Java & Bedrock

Recess SMP: Minecraft Java & Bedrock

An amazing SMP experience with all your favorite friends from Recess!

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On this vanilla server, we aim to follow a similar experience as some of our favorite Minecraft YouTubers like Hermitcraft. Every week this hour is your opportunity to show off a video you made, or something amazing you did on the server. Hope to see you there!

How to Join the Server:

  • Read our member made Constitution
  • Comment your name at the bottom as proof you agree to it
  • Let Josiah know and he will whitelist your username to join the server

Want to use voice chat on the server? Follow this guide!


Pick a time

Can't find a time that works? Reach out and we'll help you out!

Age ranges are just suggestions! You can register for any cohort.