Recess Community Hour

Recess Community Hour

Your time to meet new people, experience free events, and explore new interests!

Make new friends and keep the old! This is your time to hang out, play games and build with whomever you want!
Work together on programming challenges, creative writing prompts, and more!
Discover new things to do every day!
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Hosted by 9 expert guides

Pick a time

Can't find a time that works? Reach out and we'll help you out!

Use this space to do whatever YOU want:

The daily social hour is open Monday-Friday at the same time (12PST / 3EST) each day. We start with an optional 5 minute "opening ritual", a game or discussion that everyone can participate in.

Create Friendships

  • Meet up with current friends and make new ones
  • Join this community with kids and guides from all over the world!
  • Work on your projects with like-minded peers.

Play Games

  • Play games you know and love
  • Learn new one along with us.
  • Beta test the newest games made by your friends

Learn new Skills

  • Improve your programming
  • Storytelling and writing
  • Beat challenges in some of the toughest games on the internet.
  • How to present your projects

Get Inspired

  • Personalize your own room in the Player's hall
  • Explore the various rooms and challenges built into the space
  • Try out one of our clubs held during the social hour

Our Community Values

  • Creativity
  • Curiousity
  • Perseverance
  • Courage
  • Community