Pokemon Scarlet & Violet Shiny Egg Event

Pokemon Scarlet & Violet Shiny Egg Event

Shiny eggs for everyone! What will it be? You have to hatch it to find out. Enroll today for some shiny egg fun.

Organized by
Miss Devyn's Video Game Universe

Hosted by 1 expert guides

Course Description:

Welcome to our special one-time shiny egg hunting event. In this event, students will come and socialize with each other to guess which shiny egg they'll hatch!

Our teachers will have a whole pile of eggs ready for everyone in the event. Each student will choose an egg. Then, they'll walk around Paldea until it hatches. What will it be? A shiny Shinx? Maybe a Fuecoco? Or an Eeevee? The possibilities are endless. Save your spot today!

Course Requirements:

  • Nintendo Switch or Nintendo Switch Lite
  • Pokémon Scarlet or Pokémon Violet
  • Strong Internet connection
  • Nintendo Online or Online+ Membership