One Block with the Create Mod: Minecraft Java

One Block with the Create Mod: Minecraft Java

Gears, trains, steam engines, windmills & more! Learn the mechanics of rotational movement by harnessing the power of the Create mod.

Make new friends as you learn to become a Minecraft engineer.
Think like an engineer by building steam engines, drills, wheels and more!
Step-up your game as you create complex systems to automate valuable resources.
Think like an engineer and learn how to build incredible machines in Minecraft.
Organized by
Tom Bickmore

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In this class, we will build on our private Minecraft server using the unique Create mod to learn together about rotational energy using cogs (gears), belts, waterwheels, windmills, and fans, eventually upgrading to steam engines, trains, and automatic mining drills.

Mandatory Pre-class Setup

  • Please follow this setup guide below before attending your first class.
  • If you have trouble and need help, reach out to Tom using the chat messenger.
  • If you come to the class without the modpack installed and ready to go, Tom will not be able to assist you until after the class has finished.

Setup Guide

Watch this follow along setup video!

  1. Download CurseForge
  2. Download the Create Modpack
  3. Import the Modpack into CurseForge
  4. You should be good to go!
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