Minecraft Java: Dungeon Crawler

Minecraft Java: Dungeon Crawler

Join Miss Lindsey in this completely custom Minecraft map. Find the relics. Avoid the ravagers. Return with glory!

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In this special demo class, you will jump into a completely new Minecraft adventure.

You will be dropped into a completely custom and immersive Minecraft world. All you are given is a compass and a map. Your goal, find the relic your compass is leading you to. But be warned, there are dangerous ravagers around that will do everything they can to stop you from finding your treasure.

Along the way, you may find bones, mushrooms, and even some diamonds. Collect these to trade them for special titles, weapons, and other goodies.

Join us today for the Minecraft Dungeon Crawler adventure!


This is not a beginner class. Students must already be comfortable with survival mode of Minecraft. Students must know how to use a map and compass in-game. For students who need a quick refresh, Miss Lindsey has a practice area.


  • Java Edition Minecraft
  • Strong Internet
  • PC to play Minecraft
  • A good attitude and even better sportsmanship!

Gamer Tag Information:

Students will be given an IP address to join the server. Gamertags will be seen above the students’ heads.

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