Make a Waving Stick Man with FlipaClip

Make a Waving Stick Man with FlipaClip

Intro to 2D Animation

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Hosted by 2 expert guides

In this beginner-friendly class, you'll dive into the fundamentals of frame-by-frame animation by creating a basic project: the funniest stick man waving and saying “Hi!”.

What you'll do:

Your guide will walk you through the basics of using FlipaClip's tools and features. By the end of the session, you’ll have a short animation to share with friends and family, and, what's more important, the confidence to explore more complex projects.

Concepts Encountered:

  • Basics of Animation - frame-by-frame technique
  • FlipaClip Tools - drawing, onion skinning, layers
  • Timing and Spacing - making smooth animations
  • Adding Text - integrating speech bubbles into your animation

What you will need:

  • A tablet or smartphone with FlipaClip installed
  • A stylus (optional but recommended for precision)
  • Creativity and enthusiasm!