Jippity Game Jam

Jippity Game Jam

Make a Game. Get Featured!

Organized by
Jacob & Kristen

Hosted by 2 expert guides

Put your game design and coding skills to the test in the inaugural Jippity Game Jam!

“Jippity Jumper Jam”

What better way to start the tradition of Jippity Jams than by jumping right in.

We’re going to make platformer games!

The main action of a platformer is jump. Your game must feature some kind of jumping character. Beyond that, the design is up to you!

What we’re looking for:

  • Tactile, juicy controls. Make it feel good: smooth and responsive.
  • Level design. Place platforms, goals, and obstacles in a way that makes us want to play your game, in a way that makes it fun to succeed or fail.
  • Good looks. Graphics, colors, and proportions. If it looks fun, it will play fun.

If you want to reach beyond the basics, consider:

  • Enemies/Combat
  • Sound/Music
  • Story
  • Power Ups
  • Physics

You can start from scratch or launch from one of two templates: One ready-to-go template with some code for a platformer game and the bones of a level editor; or One template with a robust asset system and awesome level editor.

Feel free to grab code from both, or neither! As long as you make a platformer, you’re good.

Office hours

Kristen and Jacob will be available over the weekend for any participant who wants to get feedback or support on either code or design. Come to an office hour at 9:00 AM or 3:00 PM Sat/Sun. Check this course's cohorts to sign up.

See you there!

Submit games by 12:00 PM (Midnight) PST on Sunday. To submit: email the link to your published Jippity project to either [email protected] or [email protected], or send it in Recess chat.

One submission per person, please; but feel free to collaborate and share ideas. It’s not about winning a contest; it’s about making a good game. We will shout out everything we like and we especially want to see creativity and thoughtful design with an element of surprise.

We can’t wait to see what you create, and remember, we’re here to help.

Have fun and happy coding!