Jippity Game Jam 02

Jippity Game Jam 02

Build a Game in a Weekend

New this week!
Organized by
Jacob and Kristen

Hosted by 2 expert guides


“Sun and Moon”

Day and night… light and dark…

Explore the duality at the heart of the cosmos in the second-ever Jippity Game Jam!

This time, you can make any kind of game you want, but it must adhere to the theme “Sun and Moon.” We have a template full of assets to get you started here, and as always, we will be available for office hours (sign up here). You have total freedom with your gameplay!

You could make:

🚀 A rocket-boosting spaceflight game.

🌱 A day-and-night cycle farming game.

🤺 A fighting game with shining, cosmic player characters.

Students who took Simulate the Solar System may want to use their new skills to program some astrophysics!

We can’t wait to see what you come up with.


👾 Start your game Friday, July 12 and submit it by 9:00 PM PST on Sunday, July 14.

🌠 You may use the assets we uploaded, but it’s not required.

🎮 Any style of game is OK as long as it relates to “Sun and Moon.”

We are looking for:

1️⃣ Creativity: dream up a novel concept or twist an old formula. Surprise us with your unique imagination!

2️⃣ Technique: good programming makes good games. Do your best to make your gameplay smooth and robust. Maximize the fun.

3️⃣ Style: art, writing, sound effects, and music give your game personality. Wow us with your designerly touch.

4️⃣ Theming: “Sun and Moon” should be deep in the foundation of your idea. Of course you may subvert our expectations! But keep the solar-systemic theme in mind while you build. Jacob and Kristen will be available for office hours Saturday and Sunday. Drop by for support or just to hang out.

One submission per person, please.

We will play, review, and give personalized feedback for all submissions on Monday, July 15 and celebrate them at Recess on Tuesday, July 16. Every submission will be playable at Recess, too.

On top of that, all participants who submit a game are invited to play each game and vote for their favorites. Winners will receive… a mysterious prize…

Reach out on Recess or email jacob@jippity.pro/kristen@jippity.pro with any questions.

Happy coding!