Guided AI Coding: Jippity

Guided AI Coding: Jippity

Dream it. Build it. Publish it.

Learn to code by making your own games and websites from scratch
Use cutting edge AI tools as your own personal coding assistant, and learn how to get the most of GPT.
Work 1:1 with a tutor and get personalized instruction at your own pace
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Hosted by 4 expert guides

What you'll do:

On your first day, you'll come up with an idea for something you want to build. Then, you'll work with a human mentor and an AI guide to build it. As you build it, you'll learn how to wield both the english language and the computer's language.

Once you acquire these skills, your only limits will be your curiosity, creativity, and determination.

What you'll get:

  • Meet up once per week with an expert tutor
  • Unlimited access to Jippity outside of your weekly session
  • Unlimited access to Jippity events
  • A community of builders to share your projects with

Concepts Encountered:

  • Prompt Engineering
  • Function Decomposition
  • How to communicate your ideas clearly
  • Javascript, HTML, CSS

What you'll need:

  • Typing skills
  • A big imagination
  • Determination
  • Curiosity
1 weeks free
then $75.00/week

What Parents Say

He's so excited to make a game. It'll be a great experience for him. He learns best by doing and learning the 'why' so this is perfect.


This group has fueled his interest in engineering, and given structure to his gaming.


It's building his confidence, passion, and creativity. I'm amazed with the tool and tutors. It's the most exciting part of his education!


They can't wait each week! Stoked kids = stoked parents! You're delivering a premium, cutting edge product we're happy to be a part of.


My daughter asks me when her next session is all the time. What she's building is amazing.


He's never been into coding, and somehow you've hooked him. You've done it again, and we are so greateful and excited for the future.


She's done a fair bit of 'play' type coding, so great to hear she's learning it in more depth and how to structure the code.


This is amazing. Beyond the coding there is so much more here! Learning and understanding workflow, prioritization, organization. Thank YOU.