Factorio Club

Factorio Club

Take on the game that prepares you to become a world class engineer

Work together to solve complex problems.
Tackle hard challenges designed for advanced players.
Think like an engineer by deconstructing complex problems into their fundamental building blocks.
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Hosted by 3 expert guides

You've crash landed on an alien planet. Do you and your friends have what it takes to build a massive factory and launch a rocket to escape?

What you'll do:

  • Meet with the same group of kids and expert guide
  • Tackle exciting challenges designed to take you from beginner to expert
  • Learn tips, tricks, and shortcuts to help you progress faster
  • Make friends with a community of kids who share the same interests as you
  • Beat the worlds hardest game

❗Factorio is a hard game. We highly encourage every kid to play on their own during the week!

Concepts Covered:

  • Ratios & Rates
  • Algorithmic Thinking
  • Debugging
  • First Principles Thinking
  • Resource Management
  • Root Cause Analysis

What you'll need:

  • Make sure to have Steam installed