Dungeons & Dragons: Experienced Players

Dungeons & Dragons: Experienced Players

Continue your adventures playing the world's best roleplaying game

Dungeons & Dragons
Tell a story collaboratively with your friends.
Work together with your party and become the heroes of your own story.
Tackle hard challenges as you play the world's best roleplaying game.
Organized by
Guild of Imagination

Hosted by 6 expert guides

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Calling all Experienced D&D players!

As a seasoned adventurer, you're ready to cross the vast lands of the Sword Coast on your next epic adventure. Will you rise to the call of a dread curse threatening the very existence of all life? Maybe you'll join the ranks of an army as a special operative, fighting against the god of evil dragons.

Whether you are ridding a land of its vampiric curse or racing against powerful foes looking for thousands of gold pieces, these campaigns will provide you with epic adventure! Join a party and live your next big story!

Please inquire about the time slot you’re interested in to find out which story is currently being told!

Concepts encountered:

Role-playing | Teamwork | Improvisation | Storytelling | Empathy | Morality

This D&D club is for players that have a grasp of how the game plays and some of its rules. These campaigns feature strategic combat encounters, fun role-playing and engaging exploration. If you’re ready to step into your next big adventure, join an experienced D&D club today!

We ask all new players to join 10 minutes early to talk to the DM and get set up with their characters.

$38.00 per week