Debate Club

Debate Club

Master your voice: Convince anyone. Sell anything. Lead.

Gain confidence while practicing public speaking and negotiation skills.
Learn the fundamentals of debate and argumentation.
Receive expert guidance from national debate champions as you discuss real-world and current event topics.
Organized by
Elizabeth & Bill

Hosted by 3 expert guides

This is a beginner debate class, topics will change every week, so come and practice your communications skills!

What to expect:

  • Every week, you will start with a topic (examples below). You will have 5 minutes to curate a speech (no research needed) and deliver it during the class. This is an impromptu speech.
  • The second half of the class will be spent practicing beginner debate skills. Learners will be given the topic a week in advance so they can do some research and gather facts to support their opinion.

Example debate topics:

  • Movies are never as good as the book.
  • Giving is better than receiving.
  • Surviving on a deserted island is easier than surviving in a jungle.
$20.00 per week