Creative Genesis - Writers' Workshops

Creative Genesis - Writers' Workshops

Write your story, sketch out a graphic novel, animate a short film, blog about your interests!

Tell a story you truly want to tell.
Receive expert guidance from a content creator.
Learn the fundamentals of writing and work on your passion project, whatever it may be.
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Creative Genesis

Hosted by 3 expert guides

The secret to becoming a better writer is to write more. Writers' Workshop motivates and inspires kids to write more by using mentoring and coaching techniques.

What you'll do

Write your story, sketch out a graphic novel, animate a short film, blog about your interests, or craft some poetry - the choice is yours, and I'm here to help you decide what excites you the most!

Each week you will:

  • Design, plan, and create your own projects
  • Play with writing prompts, games, activities, and more
  • Supercharge your child's 30 minutes of writing time
  • Publish and share your work with other creative kids
  • Personalized guidance and individualized feedback with Brianne and peers
  • Connect with a community of encouraging, constructive, and like-minded peers and mentors

Access to any or all of the two daily sessions Monday-Thursday. Your kid can choose when to join!

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How writers benefit:

  • Creative Confidence: fueled by genuine passion & interests in a supportive environment
  • Creative Process: Every writer and creator is unique; learn to find YOUR process
  • Enhanced Skills: Enhance your writing, storytelling, and creative skills through practice, feedback, and exposure
  • Goal Setting Learn to intention set to make writing and creating more purposeful
  • Publishing and Writing Tools: eBook-creating tools, mini-lessons, guided prompts, mentor texts and games
  • Self Expression: Develop and confidently express your unique point of view

Brianne's Commitment

"In Writers' Workshop, I’m committed to providing a nurturing space that recognizes and amplifies the innate creativity within every child. I’m here to support their writing or other creative journey, offering the tools, encouragement, and community they need to write more, write better, and, most importantly, write with joy and purpose."

First Time?

You just need to schedule a short "meet the mentor" call with The Creative Genesis Founder and Mentor Brianne Wragg. Just click here to schedule a time.

1 months free
then $100.00/month