Builders Club: Minecraft Bedrock

Builders Club: Minecraft Bedrock

Pick your project, build with your friends, and show off your creation! Together we will turn an empty world into our very own art gallery!

Make new friends as you build out creative themes with your group.
Ignite your imagination as you discuss and decide on a variety of creative build themes.
Present your creation at the end of each project cycle.
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Pick a time

Can't find a time that works? Reach out and we'll help you out!

We start with a fresh super flat world in creative mode. As a group, we will decide on a build theme and build out that theme in a small groups. At the end of each build, we will present them to one another and then repeat the process of picking a new theme. Over time, our empty world will turn into an incredible homemade art gallery.

What you'll do:

  • Meet up once per week with 5 other kids and a Minecraft guide
  • Learn new tricks and skills in Minecraft
  • Decide as group what theme to build
  • Work with others to make your imagination come to life

Concepts Encountered:

  • Planning
  • Creativity & Design
  • Collaboration
  • Compromise
  • Iteration

What you'll need:

Make sure you have Minecraft Bedrock installed

1 weeks free
then $10.00/week