Astrodynamics: Kerbal Space Program

Astrodynamics: Kerbal Space Program

Join a crew. Build Rockets. Learn Astrodynamics. Conquer the Universe.

Make new friends and learn how to reach for the starts together.
Think like an engineer by deconstructing complex problems into their fundamental building blocks.
Step-up your game with harder projects. Land on the Mun, Minmus and beyond!
Organized by
Tom Bickmore

Hosted by 2 expert guides

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An 8 year old who can send a Kerbal to the Moon already knows more about orbital dynamics than the NASA team that launched the Apollo missions.

This class assumes your kid is already able to achieve a steady orbit using maneuver nodes, and understands what this means.

What you'll do

Although KSP is a one player game -for now- this class has a strong emphasis on team effort and discussion.

Each week kids will:

  • Tackle a new challenge
  • Troubleshoot together
  • Discuss real-world applications and the science behind it all

❗ KSP is a hard game. We highly encourage every kid to play on their own during the week!

Concepts Encountered:

  • Astrodynamics
  • Orbital mechanics
  • Rocket engineering and design principles
  • Problem solving
  • First Principles thinking

What you'll need:

  • Have access to a computer, a mouse and keyboard, stable internet connection, and a working webcam and microphone.
  • Make sure to have Steam installed.
  • Make sure you have Kerbal Space (1 or 2) installed.
$25.00 per week